Some of our most popular cards are;

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What makes us different?

We want you to know that we do not produce cards in a factory and your order isn’t just another number to us. Each plastic card is individually made and hand proofed, which ensures you’ll receive the highest attention to detail – it’s that human touch we know you’ll love.


We do not offer ‘cookie-cutter’ cards. We know ‘how you want your cards to look’ and ‘how you want to use them’ may be completely different from the next customer. So we'll work with you to create the perfect cards – customised just for you.


You’re probably thinking you need a graphic designer to create your artwork template . . . . not at all. If you have your own artwork we can use that, if not, we can design your artwork with you to produce fantastic personalised cards.


Don’t forget about the accessories!

We have a huge range of accessories you can use with your cards; like protecting them with flexible or rigid card holders. Plus clips, retractable reels and lanyards to make wearing your cards easy. We can customise many items with your logo to get your brand all over it, creating fantastic promotional items. Check out the accessories pages for lots of options and check back in every now & again as we are always updating with great new products.


How long will they take?

We know you want your cards fast, so we offer a no minimum order and fast turnaround service. Once we have received your completed order, turnaround times are around 1-2 working days.


How do you order your cards?

Head over to the contact us page and either fill out the form, send us a direct email or give us a call, we will be happy to discuss your ideas and send you a free quote.


If you would like more detailed information, keep scrolling down . . .


Our card printing services include:

  • Artwork and design set up
  • Full monochrome or colour card printing
  • Base design printing – allowing space for you to personalise your cards in house
  • Personalised cards – we print all the information on the cards for you
  • Print on Demand service – we maintain your card design template and print cards as and when you need them – for example as new staff or members join your organisation
  • Barcode or QR code printing
  • Card encoding – magnetic strip


What else do we do?

Glad you asked, we have mentioned a few things above but once again, the possibilities are endless, but include; 

  • Customised lanyards
  • Customised retractable reels – fantastic branding & promotional items
  • Wristbands for events
  • Wristband printers – for customising them yourself
  • Desktop Printers
  • Ask us!


If you’re still scrolling . . . we take it you want more information about us, so here it is;


Mobile ID Cards was established in 1999 and has always been proudly owned & operated by local South Australian’s. In 2014 we took over the business and have a passion for servicing businesses with their ID card and plastic card requirements and the many uses and applications they have.  

Take a look around the website and also check out our Social Media pages for more card examples plus promotions and specials.