Corporate Cards

It’s not just a top-secret government thing anymore. Businesses all over Australia are increasingly issuing corporate cards, in large part for security reasons. And in today’s technology-advanced world, an ID card is no longer just a piece of paper placed inside a transparent plastic cover. Today, an ID card is a plastic card, highly durable, easily wearable and ensures secure access to only those who should have it.


There are many ways to use plastic corporate cards in your business such as being used for special events like;

  • seminars
  • conferences
  • secure corporate meetings
  • access and security cards
  • festivals and events


While many schools have policies requiring visitors to sign in and wear identification while in school, many schools and education facilities are deciding to issue identification cards to staff as well. All staff are easily identifiable and it adds an extra feeling of security to buildings. Requiring ID Cards for people who work around children makes as much sense as requiring them for other professions. What do we want to be most protective of?


If you are seeking that next level of identification why not order customised lanyards, as you have control over who you issue them to, therefore knowing that who is wearing them are only those who should be.