Photo ID Cards

Photo ID Cards are our specialty! We know that in any environment, first impressions are important, so we promise to give your clients and customers a great first impression of you and your staff with high-quality identification cards and badges.

ID Cards at a glance;

  • We want it to be easy for you to create and order your Photo ID Cards. We will guide you through a few simple steps with tips on how to take your staff photos - to taking care of the ID Card design. We will do all the hard work and before you know it, your ID Cards will be printed and ready for your staff to wear!
  • We make the design process really easy - as we do it for you! We will work with you to design a sophisticated and individual ID card template that best represents your organisation. Alternatively we can use your artwork if you have designed your own.
  • We are a full service bureau . .  but what does that mean? It means we can supply you with everything, from clips and lanyards to plastic card holders. We make it easy to create, order and manage all your ID Card requirements from the first order and all your ongoing orders. We have no minimum order requirements for printed cards, so you order on-demand, whenever you need more.

We can save you time and money by producing all of your Photo ID cards and supplying all the accessories, including custom printed items such as lanyards.

Custom Photo Identification Cards are our specialty!

We really enjoy designing and creating Photo ID Cards, we will use your company logo and brand colours so your identification cards will project a positive company presence wherever it is worn. Designs are customised to incorporate names, position titles, signatures, employee numbers and more. 

We can help you decide how you use want to use your cards; we can provide cards with adhesive backing, signature panels, QR or barcodes or plain white PVC. We can also supply smart or magnetic strip cards that are compatible with your access control system.

Why use Photo ID Cards?

The inclusion of a photo and company logo on a staff ID Card adds a degree of security, whether it be for employee identification, visitor & contractor passes or any situation where a company ID is required - we are finding many more industries are requiring staff to have a Photo ID Card.

  • Quality ID cards identify employees and their role within the company
  • Encourages team spirit and a feeling of belonging among employees
  • Customers respond favourably to well identified employees
  • A well designed ID is effective advertising for your business
  • The use of an integrated ID system demonstrates professionalism
Our standard Photo ID Cards are produced on plain white credit card-sized (85 x 54mm) PVC card and slot hole punched so they can be worn directly on a lanyard or clip. From there we are open to any design or security requirements you have - please contact us to start creating your ID Cards today!