Photo ID Cards

Photo ID Cards are our specialty! We know that in any environment, first impressions are important, so we promise to give your customers a great first impression of you and your staff with high-quality identification cards and badges.

A Photo ID card is usually part of any security system. Thus, with the recent focus on security, the importance of having an ID card has become priority-one with many companies. Let your staff know that ID cards help you keep them safe while they’re at work. Showing Photo ID Cards when entering a building creates a safe and secure environment. Many businesses now insist on seeing some form of company ID card before allowing visitors and service industry personnel into their facilities. Meeting clients or suppliers for the first time, your company Photo ID Card shows clear professionalism.


If you’re running a busy business or organisation, keeping track of who comes and goes can be difficult. Not only have you got your permanent staff, but there are contractors and visitors to account for too. ID cards make that process much easier. Not only do they let you know who’s who, but you can control access to certain areas and tighten up security in the process.

So that you don't have to go to the trouble of taking hundreds of pictures and matching those up with names, we have dedicated mobile photography service that makes light work of the whole process.


ID cards at a glance;


  • Decide how you use your cards We can provide cards with adhesive backing, magnetic strips, signature panels, barcodes or plain white PVC
  • Get help with your designs We will work with you to design a sophisticated and individual ID card template that best represents your business or organisation
  • Use your own artwork Create your own design and send it to us
  • Choose from a range of accessories From clips and lanyards to plastic card holders


We can save you time and money by producing all of your Photo ID cards.

Custom Photo Identification Cards are our specialty!

Your company logo will be featured on the identification card and will project a positive company presence wherever it is worn. Designs are customised to incorporate your company colours and can include position titles, signatures, employee numbers and more. Along with a good design we offer a wide range of card accessories which will ensure your staff will proudly wear your cards.


Why Use ID Cards?

The inclusion of a photo and Company Logo within an ID Card supplies an added degree of security, whether it be for Employee Identification, Visitor & Contractor Passes or any situation where accurate ID is required.

  • Quality ID cards identify employees and their role within the company.
  • Encourages team spirit and a feeling of belonging among employees.
  • Customers respond favourably to well identified employees.
  • A well designed ID is effective advertising for your business.
  • The use of an integrated ID system demonstrates professionalism.


Mobile ID Cards ability to produce ID Cards which include, magnetic stripe encoding and bar codes enhances the level of security available.

We offer Photographs ID cards, name tags, and conference badges, all customisable with your organisation’s logo and colours.

Photo ID cards
are produced on plain white credit card-sized (85 x 54mm) cards, additional options can include self-adhesive cards to attached to your access/proximity cards or magnetic strip cards (encoded or non-encoded),. We can also supply cards slot or hole punched and ready for attachment via clips or lanyards and stock a wide range of card accessories right here in Adelaide.


Multi-site/state/region customers can send all their information and we do the rest!